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With Patreon, I’m hoping to earn some support for my time and effort.  Please don’t feel obligated to contribute if you are struggling financially because I will be giving away my sheet music of my YouTube covers for free no matter what.  However, making money by making music is my dream, and you can help me make that dream come true.  All you need to do is become my patron by pledging $1 a month and it’s as simple as that.  However, if you feel it in your heart to pledge more than that, I would be eternally grateful.  Once you have made your pledge and you feel the need to adjust it (whether to pledge more or pledge less), you will have the option to do so.  In the unfortunate circumstance that you would like to cancel your pledge altogether, that option is also available.

If you’ve ever watched any of my YouTube covers and you really enjoy them/find yourself listening to them on repeat, or if you’ve ever downloaded any of my sheet music and have been able to learn the music that you love, please consider supporting me by becoming my patron.

Your support is highly appreciated!