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I am a classically trained pianist, composer, arranger, and transcriber from Canada.

I have been playing the piano for 20+ years and am also a self-taught bassist and guitarist with a multitude of performing experience.  Having been trained classically since a young age, I developed a solid technical foundation that I implement in every piece that I learn, no matter what the genre.  My musical sensibilities were further nurtured and developed during my university studies where I completed my Bachelor of Music degree in 2015.

I have been writing music for 10+ years and it all began with a high school project.  My first film score was for a short film for World Issues class and it sounded horrible.  I had no idea about virtual instruments, sound libraries, mixing and mastering, or any proper music production techniques.  What I did discover was music notation software and that it could play back everything I notated.  This was amazing to me so I created my first film score using Finale 2006 with its less than impressive default MIDI sounds.  
Despite the poor quality of how the music sounded, this experience ignited my passion for composition, not just for film scores but for writing music in general.  I have since upgraded from default MIDI sounds and am constantly educating myself on composition and music production techniques.  

I began arranging and transcribing songs to sheet music in 2010 because of a song from the movie, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”.  This song was “Black Sheep” originally by Metric but covered by Brie Larson’s character and her band, The Clash At Demonhead.  I loved this song so much that I looked for sheet music everywhere so I could cover it but I was unsuccessful.  Shortly after my failed search attempts, I figured that I had the tools, both in software and in musical knowledge, so I would go ahead and make the sheet music myself.  
First, I went on YouTube and found a video of Metric’s official recording of “Black Sheep”.  From there I did a lot of pausing, un-pausing, rewinding, concentrating on Emily’s voice only, concentrating on the guitar riff only, concentrating on the bass-line only, and then repeating these steps over and over until I had finished the song.  This arduous process took nearly the whole day to complete, but it was very much worth it.  My piano cover of “Black Sheep” became my most popular YouTube video for a very long time.  
Since then, I have developed a more efficient workflow when transcribing sheet music and in doing so, my transcription skills have greatly improved.  My most successful YouTube videos have been my piano covers of songs that I have arranged and transcribed myself.

Here is a list of the instruments and equipment I use in my YouTube videos:

Digital Piano: Yamaha P-105
MIDI Keyboard: Akai MAX49
Acoustic Upright Piano: Kawai BS-2N
Electric Bass: Ibanez SR300
Electric Guitar: Yamaha ERG 121C

Computer: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)
Audio Interface: Komplete Audio 6
Digital Audio Workstation: Logic Pro X
Music Notation Software: Sibelius 

Camera: Nikon D7000
Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro

Thankyou for visiting.