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| Transcription Service |

This service will ensure that you receive high quality accurate sheet music for any song/piece that you would like to be able to sing/play on a solo instrument, play on the piano, or both.

Your transcription will undergo the same care and attention that I would implement if were transcribing a song/piece for myself.

Please read the following to gain a better understanding of the 3 kinds of transcriptions that I offer and the pricing involved.

My services include transcriptions for:

Voice/Solo Instrument:
Voice/solo instrument sheet music will be transcribed as a lead sheet consisting of 1 staff containing the melody.  Lyrics and chords are included at no additional cost.

Solo Piano:
Solo piano sheet music will be transcribed consisting of 2 staves (grand staff) with the option of including lyrics and chords at an additional cost.

Voice/Solo Instrument with Piano Accompaniment:
Voice/solo instrument with piano accompaniment sheet music will be transcribed consisting of 3 staves (melody staff plus grand staff).  Lyrics and chords are included in the melody staff at no additional cost.

Please Note:
Dynamics, articulations and tempo/expression markings will not be included in your sheet music.  However they may be included at an additional cost.
If you would like your sheet music to be in a different key than the video or audio file that you submitted to me, I will transpose it at an additional cost.
Fingerings will not be included in your piano sheet music.  However, once you have received the final product, you may request fingerings at an additional cost.

All of my transcriptions are done through the notation software, Sibelius.

The price of your transcription will vary depending on the length and complexity of the song/piece that you submit, as well as other additional factors.  Your free initial quote will be based on the prices listed below.

The following prices are listed in USD.

Voice/Solo Instrument Lead Sheet:
$15 – $30 per minute of submitted material
*Includes lyrics and chords*

Solo Piano Sheet Music:
$20 – $60 per minute of submitted material
Lyrics: $5
Chords: $5
Fingerings (after completion): $5

Voice/Solo Instrument with Piano Accompaniment Sheet Music:
$30 – $70 per minute of submitted material
*Includes lyrics and chords*
Fingerings (after completion): $5

Dynamics: $5
Articulations: $5
Tempo/Expression markings: $5
Transposition $5

Please Note:
Bulk orders (2 songs/pieces or more) are eligible for discount.
Returning customers are eligible for discount.
New customers recommended by past customers are eligible for discount.
Past donators are eligible for discount.
Patrons are eligible for discount.

Once you have decided on the kind of transcription you would like, there will be 5 steps that you must complete in order to receive your sheet music.

Step 1:
To receive a free quote, please fill in the “Transcription Service Request Form” at the bottom of the page with all the necessary information regarding you and the song/piece you would like me to transcribe.  If a link to your song/piece is not available, please email an audio file to me instead.  In this instance, I do require that you fill in the form regardless, and that you indicate that you will send me an audio file of your song/piece through email.

Step 2:
I will send you a confirmation email that I have received your completed “Transcription Service Request Form”.  This confirmation email may or may not be sent on the same day that you submit your completed form.  Within 2 business days after this confirmation email is sent, and I have thoroughly listened to your song/piece, I will email you an exact quote of how much your transcription will cost.  Because each customer’s needs will vary, I will break down for you each contributing factor that will lead to the cost of your transcription (this will include any discounts, if eligible).

Step 3:
Once I have received confirmation that you agree on the price, I will require that you pay 50% of the total cost before I begin work on your transcription.  This is to ensure that my time and effort is not wasted in the unfortunate circumstance that a customer does not end up purchasing the final completed transcription.  I will send you a PayPal invoice including a complete breakdown of all contributing factors leading to the cost of your transcription (you will not see any newly added costs that we did not already discuss in Step 2).  Please note, you do not need to have a PayPal account.  However, you must own either a credit card or debit card.  I have set up my invoices to allow for partial payments, the minimum being 50% of the total cost.  I have done this so that you only need to pay twice.  The first 50% of the total cost to begin my work, and the remaining 50% to receive the final product.  When I have received your initial payment of 50% of the total cost, I will begin work on your transcription.

Step 4:
From the time of your initial 50% payment, please allow up to 5 – 10 business days for me to complete your transcription.  If you have requested a bulk order (2 or more songs/pieces), please allow an extra 5 business days for each additional song/piece.  Once I have completed your transcription, I will notify you through email so that you may pay the remaining 50% of your total cost.  As I have mentioned in Step 3, because I have set the minimum payment to 50% of the total cost, you will only be able to pay the remaining 50% in full.  I will not be releasing your completed transcription until I have received the total amount on your invoice.

Step 5:
Once I have received your payment in full, I will email you a PDF file and a MIDI file of your completed transcription.  Your sheet music is yours to own and I will not make it available to the public to download on my website.  However, I will ask that I use the very first page as an example to showcase my work to future customers.

 Now that you have fully understood my process, or would just like to receive a free quote, please complete and submit the “Transcription Service Request Form” below.

| Transcription Service Request Form |

Thankyou for considering me to provide you with a valuable resource for learning the music that you love.

I look forward to working with you.